Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 12, 2012

I am almost positive my heart melts and my uterus explodes every time I look at these pictures.

I am taking some short courses to actually learn to *use* that DSLR that we bought awhile back. Of course now that fancy-schmancy camera we dropped so much money on is just a run of the mill one (Nikon D3100) but I cant keep up with this shit. I figured I might as well learn to use the one I have before I upgrade yet again.

And these are my favorite subjects ... no one could blame me. I LOVE these pictures. 

February 11, 2012

We had a Breaking Dawn party at my place! I wanted to get the girls together and try to show them what we did during deployment at Lewis. It was so much easier and more fun there when we kept busy ... We're all going to need that here.

February 10, 2012

Sleepy baby! Only in our bed and only if momma is near. Someday I'll miss this needy lovey stuff!

February 9, 2012

Getting BETTER at this eating thing. Now we have to work on actually sitting up in the high chair. His default position is with one leg kicked up onto the tray. This should surprise no one.

Also Sammy has finally caught on, just like we thought she would. When I was pregnant we laughed that Sammy would become Johns BFF once she realized that there was food to be had underneath his high chair. Today Sammy stationed herself underneath as soon as she heard John get buckled in, so Id say shes got it. The only issue with that is John likes to lean over the side so he can see her fuzzy tail. John LOVES him some Sammy. You can clearly see that here:

February 8, 2012

John in baby circle. He was probably asking “did anyone make that pie I asked about earlier? Because its been like, an hour”.

I am so thankful for playdates (and other assorted get togethers). Weve been here damn near a year now (I have no idea how its been that long) and it feels like home. Its also nice that John has so many babies his age that he can socialize with ... so maybe he wont grow up to be a spoiled asshole. Or, he wont grow up to be AS spoiled of an asshole. Lets not get too crazy. 

February 7, 2012

Card we found at the PX. We're sort of acting like he's already gone to that place because its easier than trying to shift focus later.

February 6, 2012

How he wakes up all the time now ... he looks around for me, then when he lays eyes on me he smiles this big. One time he didnt see me but I started talking and he did the same right when he heard my voice.

There are days when I would give anything to go back to work ... or to Hawaii ... or just to nap in peace. But when I see that smile it makes me pretty grateful that this is my job and he is my boss.