Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 4, 2012

Ack I am so far behind. But I am determined to keep this going. Thank God for instagram because I can just update from that on my blogger app. Have I mentioned that I love my iPhone?

I have no idea where I left off but I should probably go more in depth bow that were actually catching daddy up via this blog. So this is where we left off, with John eating peas. They are homemade peas ... and we're still getting the hang of it. I took this because my friend Jaquelyn said she hates when her husband feeds her daughter and gets food everywhere. I offered up my shame in the form of this photo, where I admitted that John can (and usually does) get the best of me at mealtime. He wants to feed himself so badly that he grabs the spoon, I wrestle it back, and then food goes flying. It's all fun and games until there are peas on the ceiling.

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