Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 5, 2012

So we TRIED to go to church without daddy. Please note the word TRIED ... because it didnt work. I managed to get us all up, dressed, and out of the house on time. Service began and in typical Gumbranch form everyone was so very nice, fawning over John and being so welcoming. 

Typically I leave service to feed John and he naps. Thats easy enough with Allen there because Devon isnt sitting alone (not that it would kill him, there are worse places he could sit alone, but I know it sucks). So John doesnt even make it through the music selection before he begins his high pitched screaming. Not unhappy, just his “because I can scream”. I tried to take him to the bathroom and feed him, but he wasnt having it. After about 30 minutes I just got Devon and we left.

It was frustrating at the time. Now, it doesnt seem like such a big deal. Next time we go well be utilizing the nursery - I just cant be “that” mom whose kid is shrieking through the service (even a happy shriek). File this under one more thing I learned while daddy is away!

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