Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In the beginning ...

I always start the 365 project, and then I forget about it. I started it at the beginning of 2011 only to totally quit once I found out I was pregnant (which was mid-January, so it didnt last long). Now that I look back, Im kicking myself - what a fantastic way that would have been to remember this year and all the changes that came with it.

This year, with all the things coming up, I MUST stick to this challenge. Some days might have to be condensed with other days, I may have to stick a boot in my own ass to keep it going, but I still have to keep up.

I know all to well, from the last time, how much someone can miss when they are away. Of course, you always hear about the big things (first steps, first word, ect), but what about the little ones? If I dont talk to someone until Tuesday, will I remember the funny face John made on Saturday? Will I remember the story of the diaper blowout? Isnt it only fair that daddy can keep up with things, even if he has to read them all in reverse?

2012 is going to be my greatest challenge. But maybe, in keeping track of the small joys, Ill be able to look at it as my greatest accomplishment as well.

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